Saying Yes To The Prom Dress (Without Breaking The Bank)
Where's a good place to get a reasonably priced new prom dress?
What thrift or consignment stores in Ocean County do you recommend?
Have you checked out a rental site like www.RentTheRunway.com?
Do you have a limit as to how much you'll give your child for prom? And how will you handle if…
Celebrate Toms River South Indians Soccer
This Thursday You can help the soccer program at Toms River High School South and have a tasty treat while doing so! The boys soccer team at South are hosting a "Sundae" party at Sundaes Ice Cream Parlor (324 Rt. 166 in South Toms River) this Thursday, December 3rd.
Get Your Kids Reading More This Summer
Here’s a great way to make sure your child reads this summer: pair your child up with a Teen Reading Buddy at Ocean County Library’s Toms River branch.....Studies show that children who do not read over the summer lose more than two months of reading achievement. The.…
Dan Rather Explains Internet Slang [Video]
Do you hear your kids calling each other "bae"? Have you heard them say that someone or something is "on fleek"? Have you wondered just what the heck they're talking about? Well, why not turn to one of the most trusted men in news, Dan Rather, as he explains …

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