NJ Classrooms Go Electronic [AUDIO]
The use of technology in the classroom is not a brand new concept, but its involvement has skyrocketed over recent years with some school districts encouraging students to bring their own gadgets from home.
iPhone 6 Speculation Ramps Up Ahead of Release
If there's one thing that the Internet is really good at, it's speculation and rumor. As long ago as last year, before the iPhone 5s and 5c were even released, speculation was rampant on what the iPhone 6 was going to look like and be able to do. Now that Apple is expected to unveil their next gener…
Watch A Girl Age 14 Years in 4 Minutes [Video]
Technology has really changed how we document kids growing up. Many of us have the occasional Polaroid or some printed photos of ourselves as we were growing up, but teenagers these days have come of age with digital cameras everywhere.
This parent diligently documented his teenage daughter's develop…
You Can Buy Google Glass Today But Should You?
One surefire way to spot someone on the cutting edge of technology is if they're sporting Google's exclusive wearable computer, "Google Glass". Until today, you had to be someone in the know to score the desirable device. As of this writing, you can go buy it for yourself…
Watch How Today’s Kids React to a Walkman [Video]
When I would take the train from college to my internship in New York City, I'd always bring my Walkman with me. Of course, at the time, listening to music was a totally different experience - you had to listen to the songs in order (or make your own mix tape), and unless you wanted to bring a bunch…
Poll – How Young is Too Young For Technology?
It blows my mind how much technology has advanced in such a relatively short period of time. It was only one generation ago, when I was a kid, where our "high tech" toys were things like the Speak & Spell. These days, some toddlers' first toys are iPads and smartphones…
Things You Don’t See Anymore
At first glance, that picture just looks like a curb with a little bit of snow, gravel, and some random litter. But I did a double take when I realized what I was actually looking at.

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