Why I Bought an iPhone 6 at 3am
Yesterday, we talked about the positives and negatives about being a part of the herd trying to be among the first to own the new iPhone. And honestly, I was on the fence about how I was going to play it. But a little insomnia made the decision for me.
Will You Be Getting an iPhone 6?
Every year or so, Apple whips technology fans into a tizzy, brings Internet traffic to a screeching halt, and gets people to line up for hours just to have the latest tech. Will you be one of them?
The Best Apps for Amateur Ghost Hunters
As Halloween creeps ever closer, thrill seekers and amateur ghost hunters will start to snoop around to scare each other and try to find evidence of "the other side". If you fall into either of those groups, here are some suggestions to get you started on the cheap.
Watch This Teen Age 7 Years In 90 Seconds [Video]
Wow, this is pretty cool!
British teen Hugo Cornellier decided to take a photo of himself every single day starting at 12 years old. He's now 19 and in college, and put all of the pictures together in a time lapse video that's just over a minute and a half long. It's pretty amazing to see how someone…
Watch – Is This The Upcoming iPhone 6? [Video]
As September approaches, Apple fans have been salivating over the leaked (alleged) specifications of the next iPhone, that's widely believed to be hitting the market in the second week of the month. As we get closer, mockups and purported test models have been making the rounds.
Is This Apple’s iWatch? [Video]
Following Apple rumors is a full time job for the Internet. When speculation was running rampant on what the next iPhone will look like, videos like this popped up all over the web. For the last few months, rumors on a smart watch from Apple have been gaining momentum. While we don't even know if a …
Is Your Inbox Overflowing With E-Mail?
I have 31,862 messages sitting in one email inbox waiting to be read.  I'm not kidding! Many of them are promotional messages from retailers so I don't feel obligated to read them all.  But imagine how much time it would take if I DID...
Watch – Uncovering Unseen Kitchen Mysteries [Video]
If there's one place in the house that's mysterious, it's the kitchen. With strange things going on when we're not there, tightly closed doors and whirring machines. The kitchen is a strange destination of things we've never seen. Until now. Come along inside the dishwasher. Whether you want to admi…
An Important Video Message – Watch With Your Family
Most of us see this every day - you're behind a car on the Parkway, 70, 37, or another busy local highway, and the vehicle starts to drift a little over the line. The driver obviously suddenly notices as the car swerves back into the lane. You go to pass the car and you see the driver glancing down …

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