Amazon’s Drone Delivery Force Has Evolved [Video]
It was almost two years ago to the day that we first told you about online mega-retailer's totally serious plans to someday revolutionize package delivery with a fleet of unmanned aircraft. Well today, just in time for the busiest online shopping day of the year, they unveiled the hu…
Ocean County Gets Called Out In Ashley Madison Scandal
While we could debate all day long about whether the data coming to light in the aftermath of the Ashley Madison hack is fair game for making public or not, there are an awful lot of men around the world who are in panic mode right now. And, according to new data, a lot of them could be right here i…
Do You Use Car Backup Cameras?
Vehicles these days have more safety, technology, and convenience features than ever. Among them - most new cars and trucks have backup cameras. But I find the backup camera to be a little awkward.
My Phone Knows Where I’m Going, And It’s Creepy
Take a look at the picture above - that's the alert that I got on my Pebble smart watch from my iPhone as I was leaving the office a little while ago to head to the Community Medical Center Seaside Park Boardwalk Studio.
Nice, right? The only problem is, I have no idea how my phone knew that&apo…
Like Windows 10 ?
Air conditioners are like computers- Both work fine until you open Windows!
So the last 2 weeks Windows released it's latest operating system Windows 10 .... A free upgrade for those with certain Windows versions. All I had to do was pre-order and wait til it was my turn to download. The l…
Have You Ever Been Ghosted?
No, this isn't an Ocean County Paranormal article, although this phenomenon could leave you with the same feeling in your gut as when you see an apparition. We're talking about dating.
Sheriff’s Department Tests New Tech In Seaside Heights
A lot of us will remember what it was like trying to get in touch with people during and after Superstorm Sandy. A lot of busy signals at best, and not even any service for most of us. A New Jersey company wants to change that, and they're deploying their technology in Seaside Heights this week…

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