Where To Get Sugar-Free Sweets In Ocean County
Sometimes I get curious about things and write blogs with hopes that the conversation may be of interest or even help a lot of people.  Today I want to talk about how to satisfy a sweet tooth without a lot of sugar.
I mentioned a New Year's resolution to try to cut my sugar intake because t…
Will Jersey Shore Be Impacted By Philly’s Soda Tax?
With Philadelphia becoming the first major U.S. city to adopt a "soda tax," I'm reading a lot of comments for and against this new measure.  Those in favor cite health statistics.  They claim sugary drinks contribute to obesity and diabetes so the higher cost will ge…
Watch – This Is How Awesome Dogs Are [Video]
Dogs are awesome. This is just one example. This pup was just casually watching his person swimming in a pond, but when he thought that his owner was in trouble, he leaps into action. Diving into the pond, he gently ushers his human to safety. Watch for yourself: