Summer 2013

Share Your Pictures of Yesterday’s Wild Weather [Video]
Yesterday, Toms River, Seaside Heights, and the surrounding areas got a front row seat for a show of Mother Nature's power. Intense storms rolled through right during the afternoon commute, and we caught some wild pictures and video from the WOBM offices. Take a look:
A Perfect Day in Seaside Heights [Photos]
On this first day of Summer, 2013, I started off my day in Seaside Heights checking out our brand new Seaside Smart Center Broadcast Studio. I can't wait to spend the summer there! Check out some pictures of a gorgeous day at the Jersey shore:
This Time the NJ Shark Sighting is Real [Video]
Last week, people were passing around "warnings" of shark sightings at NJ beaches around social media like a beach ball at a concert. As we now know, it was just a hoax. In light of that lesson, it's not surprising if people were skeptical when another NJ shark story popped up…