Spring 2017

Time-Lapse Video Of Toms River Snow Squalls
While we got the heads up from WOBM Meteorologist Dan Zarrow to expect occasional snow showers today, the heavy snow squalls that have passed through Ocean County throughout the day have made for a dicey afternoon and evening.
Spring Ahead This Weekend!
Spring is still almost two weeks away (yes, I'm counting!), but one of the first signs that winter will soon be in our rear view mirror is only days away - Daylight Saving Time is this weekend!
Warm Days Are Kicking Off An Early Allergy Season
A friend of mine was just commenting this past weekend that some of her flowers are starting to bloom already, thanks to the unseasonably warm weather that we've been experiencing lately. While nice to look at, it comes with a big drawback - an early start to allergy season!
A True Sign That Spring Is Coming Has Arrived At The Shore
To be fair, we still have quite a way to go until we get to spring. In fact, as of this writing we still have 48 days to go if you're counting (which we are, by the way).
But it's those little things that can make you think of spring that could help break the winter doldrums.