Golfers Wanted
The Friends of Toms River Library will sponsor their third annual golf outing Thursday October 8th at Bey Lea Golf Course in Toms River.
Registration begins at noon and tee time is 1 p.m.
The cost is $80 for a single golfer and $300 for a foursome. It ...
Runners Wanted!
This year there's "TWO" Insane Inflatable 5 K 's ..... Great chances to be a part of this annual fun community event ...
The Insane Inflatable 5K is coming to Brick (Saturday, August 29th) at the Drum Point Sports Complex in Brick! Get ready to experience the most fun, wil…
What’s A Hat Trick? Asks A Non-Sports Person Like Me
Do you ever feel out of the loop?  I do, especially when exciting things are happening in the sports world.  Like last night when Team USA won the Women's World Cup Soccer Final.  Facebook and Twitter were a constant stream of excited, proud posts...
Where’s Your Favorite Fishing Spot ?
There are so many great spots for fishing here at the Jersey Shore .... Some of the best in the world, but where is that one spot that you love? I enjoy bay fishing off 7 Bridges Road in Little Egg Harbor. The main reason is that its a walk from my house, the other is it's a very relaxed place …
Jersey Etiquette at Sporting Events
Whenever you go to a sporting event, there are always people wearing jerseys for the team they root for, however sometimes it seems the fan wearing the jersey may be a bit confused.
Check Out The NFL Schedules For 2015!
The Schedules for the 2015 NFL Season Are Out!
New York Giants
1. Sep 13 8:30 PM at Cowboys
2. Sep 20 1:00 PM Falcons
3. Sep 24 8:25 PM Redskins
4. Oct 04 1:00 PM at Bills
5. Oct 11 8:30 PM 49ers
6. Oct 19 8:30 PM at Eagles

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