What Room Do You Hate Going Into?
It's Friday the 13th and the season of being spooked so I started to think about scary things that surround us every day. I thought about the places I've lived in the past and realize there have been certain rooms that I would avoid. Like an unfinished basement with a rickety staircase. …
A Walk with a Ghost
The 13th child of Mrs. Leed
Was the jersey devil’s seed
Fearsome teeth and monster clawed
The creature stood at 6ft broad
Cloven hoved and killer’s red
With a wingspan of a 9 foot spread!
In the Pine Barrens he does lurk
devours all with quite the smirk
poultry, bovine, and human alike
nothing esc…
An Unexpected Apparition Appears In This Selfie [Photos]
We've seen this a few times before - where someone innocently takes a photo and is surprised (and a bit spooked) when they look back at the photo. That's exactly what happened here when Bethany Harvey took a selfie with her little nephew. But when they looked back at the photo, they were s…