Do You Really Want Another Snow Day?
So here it is the 2nd day of Spring and we have snow...not a lot but enough to make for a slippery Monday. Snow lovers are you still excited for snow? do you really want one last snow day?  I have personally had enough ... no more snow! It'...
Jersey Shore Gets Lil Bit of Snow
First we had extreme cold over the weekend and now a lil bit of snow today and by Tuesday temps will be near 60! Is this the craziest winter we've had in years? It seems there's a little bit of everything. This winter has been more "mild" so I don't think anyone is c…
Check Out Today’s Ocean County Snow Totals
Like a lot of Ocean County residents, I was pretty surprised when I stepped outside this morning to clean off my car. Expecting to only spend a moment or two brushing a dusting of snow off of my car, much of Ocean County got a good bit more snow than we were expecting.
How Not To Clean Your Car After A Snow Storm [Photo]
By now you know that one of my pet peeves this time of year is people who don't bother to clear snow off of their cars. And it's not just me, the State thinks that it's important enough to make it a law to clear all of the snow from your car before going on the road. Apparently this d…

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