Snow Storm

Snow Storm: Your Things To Remember Checklist [LIST]
Ocean and Monmouth Counties are now under a blizzard warning from 8 pm tonight (Monday) until 6 pm Tuesday Night, so here is a checklist of things you'll wanna have ready just in case you find yourself under a lot of snow and ice Tuesday:

Vehicles: Make sure you check anti-freeze and windshield washe…
Are You a Snow Lover or Snow Hater? [PUBLIC OPINION]
It looks like we are about to get our biggest snow of this season, which doesn't have to be a lot because it's been a pretty mild winter. Depending on where you live here at the Shore you may see a few inches to a foot of snow. Stay with WOBM for complete coverage of the storm with STORMWA…
Be Careful Side Streets and Parking Lots Are Icy
This morning as we're getting you ready for your Monday, we have some school delays in Ocean County with our Ocean County Stormwatch.  The main roads seem pretty good, it's the side streets and sidewalks that are icy.

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