Jersey Likes “Snookiville Law” Says Survey
Call it a reality check for reality shows: an overwhelming number of New Jerseyans wouldn't mind at all if the casts and crews of telecasts like "Jersey Shore" were subject to stringent local requirements, according to results of a new Quinnipiac University poll...
An Era Will End in Ocean County, Thankfully
When things come to an end, a lot of times there are tears, hugs, happy reminiscing, and bittersweet memories. But this time, at least to my fellow residents of Ocean County, a cheer will probably be heard all the way up to Sandy Hook.
Greetings From Springsteen Country
What makes New Jersey great (besides the pizza, bagels, diners, and pork roll) is the fact that we are one of the most self loathing states in the Union. For as much "Jersey Pride" is felt by any given person, I am fairly certain they have at least a few jokes in their repertoire t…

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