How To Help New Jerseyans Giving Up Smoking
It's the first day of Lent and my friend is using this time to try to give up smoking for good.  I really hope he's able to kick the habit!  I've had smokers in my family and know that quitting is not easy.  But we all know the health benefits that come from quitting so…
Cigarettes Are Litter Too
I try not to get up on a soapbox too often in these pages, but last night when I was walking my dog I saw something that was really disappointing - one of my neighborhood lawns covered in cigarette butts.
Tobacco Free for a Healthy New Jersey
Tobacco Free for a Healthy NJ (TFHNJ) statewide project focusing on increasing our residents’ access to smoke-free air where they work, live, and play. ~ NJPN
The New Jersey Prevention Network will host a regional meeting "Tobacco Free For a Healthy NJ" in Lakewood o…
A push to increase the age for purchasing tobacco, e-cigs
The minimum age to buy or sell tobacco products and electronic cigarettes in New Jersey is 19. Several lawmakers from both political parties said that was not old enough and they’re leading the charge to increase the age. There are critics and opponents, but the movement took another step for…

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