Men Of The Jersey Shore: Why The Sandal Stigma?
Spending so many summers in Ocean County, I've seen probably hundreds of thousands of men wearing sandals.  Whether locals or tourists, they know that sandals are what people wear at the Shore.  Men and women.
But if you believe some of what you read online, there's a whole lot of…
Is It Silly To Be Spooked By Seaweed?
I saw a video clip over the weekend that showed a dog in a body of water that suddenly jumped up and ran out of the water as if he was terribly spooked.  The caption said something like "This is what I look like after feeling seaweed touch my leg...
Loving Jersey Shore Beaches But Not The Sandy Mess
At the start of the summer, getting sand between your toes is such a great feeling, isn't it?  But then when the novelty wears off, we sometimes can get annoyed by those zillions of granules that get into our cars, homes, and dare I say it...
Tips Before You Head To The Beach This Weekend
Living at the Jersey Shore, everyone here is pretty beach-savvy.  But it's never too late to learn a thing or two.  I happened upon a Facebook video that has me excitedly planning for my next trip to he beach.  I'm going to go with ziploc bags, a cork, and a baby diaper...
Extending the Permit Extension Act?
New legislation from Assembly Republican Conference Leader Dave Rible (R-30) would extend the Permit Extension Act of 2012 for another 2 years.
The current Act - which allows developers to avoid halting projects while reapplying for lapsed permits -  is set to expire at the end of this year...
Miniature Golf at the Shore
We are getting ready for our "BIG" Miniature Golf tournament this weekend with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ocean County at Manchester Golf on Rt. 37.  Come on out and play with us...Saturday August 23rd 10 am - 12:00 pm.
We Have Some Cool Small Towns Here at the Shore
We know that we have some pretty cool small towns here at the Jersey shore. Take a trip down 72 or 35 in Ocean County and you'll pass through some great towns. If you wander into Monmouth County, they have some quaint little hamlets too.

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