ShopRite Releases Statement On Lakewood Closing
If the ShopRite in Lakewood is your weekly grocery destination, starting next week, you'll have to change your route a little bit. The store is closing on Tuesday (April 21st). The company has issued a statement to address community concerns about the closing:
Watch Justin Open A Bag of Crap [Video]
Well, I managed to score a fabled and mysterious "Bag of Crap" from web retailer I blogged about my last crappy experience, so I figured this time I'd invite you to join in on the unveiling. Check out what crappy surprises awaited:
The Next Holiday Is Already Being Pushed
Ok, now things are officially getting ridiculous. A friend of mine spotted this display just moments ago while she was out shopping tonight, December 19th. Yes, it's a display for Valentine's Day, which is nearly two months away still.
Where Do You Have Your Holiday Packages Delivered?
I'm going to have to make a number of trips down to my car when I get out of work today - I have a bunch of packages to bring home. Yup, I get my packages delivered to the office. Especially this time of year, a package sitting on a doorstep for hours has become a welcoming signal for thieves.
Early Promotions Put Shoppers Ahead
Shopping started early this year for millions of Americans thanks to a slew of holiday promotions that drew consumers in before the seasonal rush to find the perfect gift, according to a new survey by the National Retail Federation (NRF).
Do You Hold Doors For People?
As I was walking in to a local convenience store just a few minutes ago, a man was walking in only a few steps in front of me. Rather than looking over his shoulder to see if anyone was behind him, he let the door close right in my face.
Do You Shop Online At Work? [Poll]
"Cyber Monday" has become one of the biggest shopping days of the year. The great part about it is the fact that you don't have to wake up ridiculously early just to wait out in the cold and push through crowded stores. The main problem though, is that most of the best deals a…

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