Look At This Strange Baby Product [Photo]
These days, there are specialized products for almost everything. And if you're a new parent, there are many thousands of niche products for your newborn. But this product that I spotted when shopping with my sister this past weekend kind of grossed both of us out. Take a look:
The Case Of The Disappearing Snacks
We've probably all noticed that in the past few years, serving sizes of food have gotten smaller and smaller. It's a combination of Americans being more health conscious, and companies being more cost conscious. But even I was surprised at what was waiting for me when I cracked into a sing…
Shoppers can say goodbye to deep discounts for now
Since the recession, many of us have grown accustomed to walking into a store and taking advantage of buying merchandise at 50 and 70 percent off. As consumer confidence continues to improve, however, many retailers are responding by putting an end to the deep discounts.
What Do You Do On Rainy Summer Weekends?
While this weekend isn't going to be totally awful, tomorrow isn't looking like a perfect 4th of July weather-wise. Obviously, every Summer weekend isn't going to be sunny, warm, and dry. So what do you do when the weather doesn't cooperate during the Summer?
A Popular Chain Is Coming To Brick In Two Weeks
It seems like Brick has been a hotbed of restaurant openings in the past year or so. With Red Robin and Chick-Fil-A being the latest entries into the Route 70 restaurant scene, Brick locals will be getting another option in only about two weeks.
What Little Things Drive You Nuts?
Ok, I openly admit that I have a bunch of little pet peeves. In my defense, I think that these things drive a lot of people nuts, I just have a blog where I get to complain about them publicly. Yesterday, I spotted one of the main things that irritates me, take a look:
The Bizarre Brick Basket Mystery
A strange thing is going on in Brick. It's a mystery that doesn't seem to have a logical explanation, but one that is continuing up to this very day. Most people who shop in Brick have probably been impacted without even realizing it.

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