The Brick Gas Wars
Locals know where the best gas prices are. The conventional wisdom is that the gas stations right off of major highways are going to be higher than others. But drivers in Brick have gotten a pleasant surprise lately as two centrally located fuel stops are battling it out.
Why Do People Back Into Parking Spots?
It's time to talk about a minor pet-peeve that, this time of year, feels less minor.  In fact, it feels like a MAJOR annoyance right now, when my holiday stress level is high.  People who back into parking spaces.  Why do they do it...
What Kind Of Holiday Shopper Are You?
There are a few things that we can count on this time of year - houses decorated to the hilt, our favorite carols on the radio, and packed parking lots at Ocean County's shopping centers.
How To Protect Your Packages This Holiday Season
As more and more of us are doing our holiday shopping online, there's always that exciting time when you've checked your package's tracking info and know that it'll be waiting for you when you get home.
Except when it's not. Sadly, while online shopping has become more widesp…
Amazon’s Drone Delivery Force Has Evolved [Video]
It was almost two years ago to the day that we first told you about online mega-retailer's totally serious plans to someday revolutionize package delivery with a fleet of unmanned aircraft. Well today, just in time for the busiest online shopping day of the year, they unveiled the hu…
Information For Holiday Shoppers [LIST]
The heat of the holiday shopping season is just hours away and shoppers probably have a lot of questions ....

Which stores will be open Thanksgiving ?
Which Stores will be closed Thursday ?
Where can you shop online ?
Where do you need to wait on line to get first choice on Black Friday bargains ?


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