Career Day In Stafford Township
The McKinley School and Stafford Intermediate School will Host their "Career Day" this week. Mitchell Migdon and Scott Entrikin joined Shawn & Sue to talk about this informative day for students ...
School Recess – Yes or No
I can't imagine, as a kid, not having a school recess.  And even more I can't imagine my daughter not having a recess at her school.
Do You Still Have Dreams About School?
Yesterday, I stopped by Toms River High School East to chat with the TV-21 folks about the broadcast for this weekend's Halloween parade. As I was leaving, I had a familiar feeling wash over me as the classes just changed.
Memories of School Lunch
It's National School Lunch Week...we say, "Thank you to all the lunch ladies and lunch men!"  Mine in my elementary school were so nice!
Pizza Hut Brings Back Book It Program Nostalgia
80s and 90s nostalgia is big these days. As a kid who grew up in the 80s and 90s, it's always fun to see people reminiscing about fun memories from my childhood. And Pizza Hut is getting in on the nostalgia train, asking adults to share their memories of their iconic "Book It!"…

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