Sandy-displaced Families?
Since Superstorm Sandy made landfall in New Jersey more than two years ago, the state has not been keeping track of the number of people displaced by the storm.
Ocean County – A “Worst Place To Own a Home”
When it comes to articles about Ocean County, there are opinions (we still disagree that Toms River is one of the most boring places in NJ), but then there are quantifiable facts that you can't really argue with. The Weather Channel just came out with a sobering list of "The Worst Plac…
Final Round of Grants Announced
Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund Chair and New Jersey First Lady Mary Pat Christie visited several sites down the shore to mark the 2-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy on Wednesday.
The fund just announced its final round of grant awards this week as well, an additional $3...
South Seaside Shops Need Your Business
The construction along Rt. 35 is absolutely necessary, both to repair the damage from Sandy, and to make sure this vital roadway can withstand future storms.
In the meantime, the businesses that sit along the road are suffering, especially in the furthest reaches of South Seaside Park.
The Ups and Downs of Helical Piles
When it comes to raising your home on piles for storm protection, you have to go down to go up.
Structural engineer Steve Gencorelli, P.E. of Danbro Distributors, says the CHANCE Helical Piles distributed by Danbro Distributors work like a set of giant screws that anchor your home deep into the groun…

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