Wet Roads Can Still Be Dangerous In Ocean County
As the first storm of 2015 dumped half a foot of snow or more in most areas of Ocean County, ironically enough most of us are feeling relief. Relief that it wasn't that two feet or more that it could have been. But wet roads throughout the area are still concerns for travel throughout the count…
Arming Yourself With The Tools Of Winter
When it comes to being prepared for winter weather, I don't mess around. I'm not one to struggle with one of those little ice scrapers that you can get as free promotional giveaways. I go big or don't go at all.
An Important Video Message – Watch With Your Family
Most of us see this every day - you're behind a car on the Parkway, 70, 37, or another busy local highway, and the vehicle starts to drift a little over the line. The driver obviously suddenly notices as the car swerves back into the lane. You go to pass the car and you see the driver glancing down …

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