How Not To Clean Your Car After A Snow Storm [Photo]
By now you know that one of my pet peeves this time of year is people who don't bother to clear snow off of their cars. And it's not just me, the State thinks that it's important enough to make it a law to clear all of the snow from your car before going on the road. Apparently this d…
Top 10 Fireworks Safety Tips
Everyone enjoys a great fireworks display, especially during the festive Fourth of July holiday weekend, but consumers need to be careful and approach the holiday safely.
Five Tips To Keep Ticks Out Of Your Yard
After a wet Winter and a mild start to Spring, ticks are going to be in plentiful supply in Ocean County. Of course we all want to protect our pets and family members, so here are five useful tips to help keep ticks out of your yard:
Don’t Be This Winter Driver [Photo]
Yesterday's snow storm wasn't fun for anyone - well, maybe for the kids who got the day off of school and got to play in the snow. But for those of us who were digging out last night and today, it wasn't the way most of us would choose to spend our time. However, it's a hassle th…

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