Grocery Shopping Bags
I always am amazed by the people that bring their own bags to the grocery stores, the recycled bags.  I always think they have it together in their life.  Now what I mean by that, like saving the planet, they are organized and focused people.  I...
The Perfect Mimosa
I like pretty drinks...Meaning pretty colors.  Ask any of my friends, I'm so not a person that chooses alcohol over soda but I thought about it and this year is the year of the Mimosa.  It's that sparkly refreshing drink.
Holiday Cocktails To Add Some Cheer
New Jersey Monthly Magazine has a great article on area mixologists
In the December issue of NJ Monthly, they have a great article featuring area restaurants/bars and their favorite "holiday" themed cocktails. I thought I'd highlite a few and share a cocktail fav of mine...
Share Your Hurricane Recipes With Us
When the power went out in Ocean County, some of us had a bright side to look at - those of us with gas stoves could at least still make a hot meal (even though the cooking had to be by candlelight).

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