Okay Smokers…You Can Do This! Here Are Some Tips For Quitting
After my smoking blog earlier in the week I heard from people who have kicked the habit. I thought you might be interested in reading their comments and suggestions.

Go cold turkey. Just stop lighting up.
Don't put pressure on yourself to quit. Just try to go one day without cigarettes.
Helping Ocean County Smokers Kick The Habit
Those who haven't yet kicked the habit have a great opportunity to try again. On Friday, November 17th, it's The Great American Smokeout. The American Cancer Society's effort to convince folks to give up tobacco just for one day. The thought is that if a smoker can resist the urge …
Survey Says Employees Aren’t Happy
Would you walk up to your boss and tell him to “take this job and shove it?” Well most people probably wouldn’t however according to a new study it doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking it.