Ocean County – QuickChek or Wawa Coffee
If you live near Beachwood, you will notice the brand new QuickChek is now open on Rt. 9.  I've noticed that Wawa on Rt. 9 in Bayville is giving away free coffee all week long..could it be because of the new QuickChek right down the road.
New Beachwood QuickChek Opening Delayed
Earlier this month we told you that the new QuickChek on Route 9 in Beachwood was scheduled to open this week. As with many projects of this scope, the opening has now been pushed back a number of weeks.
Beachwood’s New QuickChek Gets An Opening Date
If you've traveled Route 9 through Beachwood over the past many weeks, you've seen the new QuickChek location go from empty lot to just about fully completed. If, like me, you've wondered when the doors will open to the public, I've got the answer for you.
Wawa vs QuickChek [POLL]
It's almost as controversial as the Taylor Ham and Pork Roll debate: Wawa or QuickChek? When I started to drive - I was able to start working all hours of the night, and with each of these stores three feet from each-other, I usually have to choose between the two...