Pocketbooks, Purses, and Handbags…Oh My!
I went dancing over the weekend and didn't want to be weighted down so I took only the bare essentials in a tiny "crossbody bag."  I felt much lighter with only my credit card, license, insurance card...and lipstick, of course.  I loved the feeling of being free of m…
Things Accidentally Put In The Wrong Place
Why in the world did I open the refrigerator door and put my cell phone on the top shelf?  I have no idea.  Thankfully, I realized my mistake quickly and replaced the phone with the carton of milk which is what I had originally intended...
Would You Rent a Dress?
So I was talking to Amanda, our Intern for "The Ocean County Breakfast Show" and she was telling me about how she rented a dress over the weekend for a wedding she attended.  I never knew you could do that.