Do We Still Have A Harsh Winter On The Way?
With record high temperatures through much of December, a lot of us have been lulled into a sense of comfort for Winter 2015-16. But as we saw early this week, frigid temperatures are still the norm when we roll into the New Year, with some forecasters predicting that the worst is still yet to come.
Taking A Look At NJ’s Winter Weather Outlook
As some areas of Ocean County may be dealing with low temperatures close to freezing over the weekend, we definitely know at this point that the comfortable late Summer and early Fall weather is over. But the big question is, what do we have on tap for Winter?
Pepsi Is Bringing Us Back To The Future [Video]
Back in 1989 when Back To The Future II came out, 2015 seemed an awfully long way off. From visions of hoverboards and flying cars, neither of which have truly been achieved yet, now that the "future" is here, Pepsi wants to bring at least one prediction to reality.
Tell Us What Kind of Winter Weather You’re Hoping For
This week in Ocean County has been pretty wacky weather-wise. On Monday, we almost hit 70, we barely hit 40 on Tuesday and Wednesday, tomorrow night got into the 20s, and today we're back into the 50s. So what does that mean for what we can expect as we get into winter?