Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s 2014 Halloween Kids Prank [Video]
Traumatizing kids has become something of an area of expertise for late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel. We've seen him prank kids at Christmas, there's his infamous series of lie detector videos, and this isn't the first time that he's had parents mess with their kids' Hallowee…
Bayville’s Most Famous Zombie Visits WOBM [Video]
Earlier this week, we showed you the "Chainsaw Massacre" prank starring Bayville's Nick Santonastasso. In only a week, the video has grabbed almost 30 million views! We invited Nick to come in to the WOBM studio to chat about his sensational viral success. Check out my chat wi…
Watch This Hilarious Talking Elevator Prank [Video]
There are few things I love more than a truly clever and fun prank. And this one is right up there with the funniest. Unsuspecting tourists, entering an elevator at a hotel are greeted by the voice activated "Intellevator", which, when they respond in their language, seems to have …
Watch – Does This Prank Go Too Far? [Video]
I love a good prank as much as anyone else. Pranks done in good humor, where nobody gets hurt, humiliated, or traumatized. Which, it seems, could all happen with this prank. Watch below and let us know, does this comedian go too far with his prank?

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