Got Pollen?
The fertilizing element of flowering plants, consisting of fine, powdery, yellowish grains or spores, sometimes in masses. ~ Dictionary.com
There's alot of pollen outdoors this Spring...Our cars are a lovely shade of yellow and seedlings are flying around like tumble weeds, but how about &qu…
Show Us Your Pollen [Photos]
I don't remember buying a yellow car, but that's sure what it's looked like the last week or so. The pollen in Ocean County has covered everything in a thick dusting of yellow gunk.
Poll of the Day – Pollen!
Pollen is falling and it's everywhere! Have you noticed your car covered with a yellow film ? It's in the news today as allergy sufferers are feeling the effects ... are you one of them ? Vote now on our "Poll of the Day"
Why is This ‘Normal’ Allergy Season So Bad? [AUDIO]
This spring's allergy season in New Jersey has been classified as "normal" because elevated levels of pollen began to show up as soon as the spring season officially began in March, but many Garden State residents report having the worst allergic symptoms they can recall.
Pollen Pollen Everywhere! [Photos]
A few weeks ago we sent out the warning that experts were saying that this allergy season was going to be pretty intense. With most of Ocean County covered in a fine yellow dust, you can literally see how things are going.