Mascot Madness Round 2 Weekend Roundup
You know, I wasn't planning on doing another update on the Round 2 voting for Mascot Madness 2017, but I found the activity since our last update to be compelling enough to justify an update as we head into the weekend.
Mascot Madness Round 2 Midweek Summary
It's Wednesday, which means that it's time once again to take a look at where the Mascot Madness 2017 races stand at the moment, and we have some interesting insight at this midweek point!
Are You a Snow Lover or Snow Hater? [PUBLIC OPINION]
It looks like we are about to get our biggest snow of this season, which doesn't have to be a lot because it's been a pretty mild winter. Depending on where you live here at the Shore you may see a few inches to a foot of snow. Stay with WOBM for complete coverage of the storm with STORMWA…
What Hour Would You Like To Lose When We Spring Ahead?
This Saturday Night before we go to bed we "Spring Ahead" as we set the clocks ahead one hour! Since we lose an hour ....we thought we'd ask what hour you'd like to lose?
Don't forget this weekend when we change the clocks to also check your smoke detector…
Mascot Madness Round 1 Midweek Roundup
UPDATE - Round 1 voting has completed. Click here to vote on Round 2!
Mascot Madness 2017 has now officially been live for three days, and we're already getting an idea of who is going to make a hard go at it this year!

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