Do You Fold Your Pizza? [Poll]
As I'm sitting here at the Community Medical Center Seaside Park Boardwalk Studio with WOBM workday host Lisa Leonard, we started chatting about our favorite boardwalk food when Lisa mentioned something that I'd honestly never given much thought to before.
Where Do Your Pets Sleep?
So this week we went out and purchased a new bed for our dogs, more for the older (Max) but both he and Dexter will use. It's an "orthopedic" bed which is supposed to be great for older dogs .... like Max whose almost 15 years old. Our...
Vote – Do You Agree With Tom Brady Suspension?
With last week's "deflategate" report pointing a finger at Patriots quarterback Tom Brady at least having knowledge of misconduct surrounding game balls, the league has reportedly hit the team hard today in handing down punishments.
Is There Enough Time In The Day?
There's not enough time in the day ~ Unknown
We all have heard the saying ... and we have all had those days in which there simply was not enough time to hit everything on your to-do list. Why is it these days it seems this way? Have we ...
Does Hinckley Deserve Freedom?
A court hearing this week could determine whether John Hinckley Jr., the man who nearly killed President Ronald Reagan in a bid to win the affection of actress Jodie Foster, is granted nearly-permanent leave from the psychiatric facility that's housed him for decades. ~ C...
Did Michael Bublé Go Too Far With This Post? [Photo/Poll]
It's become very clear that we all have to be careful about what we post and say on social media. Sometimes, things can be misunderstood, or understood perfectly but not exactly graceful. When you're a big celebrity, it could cause even more of a problem, which is exactly what just happene…

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