Ocean County Mascot Madness Round 1 Update Two
Editor's Note - Round One voting has now closed, click here to vote on Round Three!
We set a challenge out there, and boy has Ocean County responded! After a full week of voting, we've received over 12,000 votes for Ocean County Mascot Madness. We still have a few days left to vote on round…
Ocean County Mascot Madness Voting Update
Editor's Note - Round One voting has now closed, click here to vote on Round Three!
We are now three days into voting for Ocean County Mascot Madness, and the local outpouring of school spirit has been astounding! So here's what the voting is looking like so far:
What Baseball Team Is The Jersey Shore Favorite?
Spring Training is underway! Here at the Jersey Shore we have three teams we consider local. The New York Yankees, New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies. Today we are having you vote for who is your favorite ..... Vote below and "BATTER UP"!
Is The Jersey Shore on the “Trump Train” ?
Billionaire Donald Trump has jumped out to a huge lead in the Republican race for the White House .... and is there any stopping him ? Trump won again last night in Nevada with almost 46% of the vote! A convincing win, again, over the rest of the field. Tru...
Vote For Ocean County Mascot Madness!
Editor's Note - Round One voting is now closed. Click here to vote on Round Two.
With a dozen and a half schools spread throughout the county, folks around here are fiercely loyal to their schools. So we want to settle the question once and for all - who has the best high school mascot in Ocean …
Do You Love a Hot Christmas ?
Here it is 12 days (almost 11) before Christmas Day and it's a heat wave! Temperatures near 70 and folks out shopping and putting Christmas decorations up, in shorts! How many photos with Santa this year will feature children in shorts! Looking ahead we may find temps back in the 40's by n…

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