Jersey Shore Poll: Did Hillary Screw Up?
It was an interesting day on Capitol Hill Thursday, as FBI Director James Comey testified before lawmakers in the Hillary Clinton "email" case. Comey defended the bureau’s decision not to pursue charges. Comey did suggest that if Clinton had worked at the FBI, she c…
Should Fireworks Be Legal In NJ? [Poll]
I've lived in a number of different states throughout my life, and New Jersey stands apart from all of them for one thing (no, I'm not talking about pumping your own gas) - you can't possess or set off fireworks in The Garden State.
Should Marijuana Be Legal in New Jersey? [POLL]
States should not be permitted to sell it and profit from legalizing marijuana ~ Governor Chris Christie
More and more we are hearing about States who have legalized marijuana and with that we hear more talk at home about legalizing marijuana here in the "Garden State"

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