Kindergarten Is Not Mandatory in NJ [POLL/AUDIO]
Like a lot of people, Assemblyman Charles Mainor had no idea that kids in the Garden State do not have to go to kindergarten. Mainor and a trio of other Assembly members have introduced a bill to force children to go to kindergarten and to lower the age at which they have to start attending school.
Internal Report Clears Christie in Bridgegate [AUDIO/VIDEO]
The attorney hired by Gov. Chris Christie to do an internal investigation of Bridgegate issued a 360-page report Thursday that finds the lane closure scheme that caused traffic gridlock in Fort Lee was developed and orchestrated by a former Port Authority official, and the governor had nothing to do…
NJ Bill Targets Non-First-Degree Crimes [AUDIO]
Do you think everybody deserves a second chance? New legislation just introduced in Trenton would allow anyone convicted of lesser than first-degree crimes to ask a judge to wipe their record clean after just two years, if they meet certain other benchmarks.

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