Will Bridgegate Hurt Christie? [POLL/AUDIO]
Gov. Chris Christie maintains he had no previous knowledge of the controversial Fort Lee lane closures, despite the release of documents that would suggest otherwise, but "Bridgegate" is still likely a step backward for the man who may try to become the next President of the United States.
Should NJ Seize Pets from Animal Cruelty Offenders? [AUDIO]
Two summers ago we learned of a heartbreaking story involving Moose, a chocolate Labrador retriever from Delran who died in a hot car after allegedly being kidnapped. On Thursday, a state Senate committee is scheduled to vote on a bill that honors Moose, and cracks down on animal cruelty offenders b…
NJ Shared Services Bill Could Die Monday [AUDIO]
Any bill that doesn't pass both houses of the New Jersey Legislature by this coming Monday will die and have to be reintroduced when the new legislature takes over Tuesday. One such bill that appears to be in jeopardy is a measure that would force towns to share services where it makes sense, o…
Chris Christie and the Politics of a Tax Cut [AUDIO]
By and large, New Jersey Democrats have worked well with Gov. Chris Christie since he took office, but many insiders believe they'll be less likely to play ball with the governor in his second term. One pundit says even if Democrats decide not to bend to Christie's will, it might not hurt …

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