NJ Cracks Down on Sex Slave Promoters [AUDIO]
In the buildup to the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium earlier this month, Gov. Chris Christie and acting state Attorney General John Hoffman repeatedly told the public about the threat of human trafficking surrounding such a big event. Tragically, it turns out those warnings were prophetic.
Trying to Stop NJ Toll Increases [AUDIO]
Over the past couple of years, tolls have gone up significantly on the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway, as well as at Port Authority bridges and tunnels. Now, one New Jersey lawmaker is pushing a plan he believes will slow down or prevent toll hikes in the future.
Advocates Blast Gov’s Office Over Sandy Aid [AUDIO]
On Tuesday, community advocates told the state Senate Legislative Oversight Committee that the majority of New Jersey victims who applied for federal Sandy relief aid were rejected when they should have been approved. They blasted the Christie administration for lacking transparency in the process.

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