Gov. Christie Plans New Tax Rate for E-Cigarettes [AUDIO]
As part of his Fiscal Year 2015 State Budget plan, Gov. Chris Christie proposes taxing electronic cigarettes at the same rate as conventional cigarettes - $2.70 per pack. One state legislator, who has already asked the federal government to study the health impacts of e-cigarettes, supports the gove…
Why Didn’t Governor Christie Propose Tax Cut? [AUDIO]
In his State of the State message Gov. Chris Christie hinted he would propose a tax cut in his Fiscal Year 2015 State Budget Address, but he didn't. That surprised many, but State Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff explained that it all came down to money or more accurately, the lack of it.
Thumbs Down From Unions on Pension Adjustments [AUDIO]
He didn't make any specific suggestions, but during his budget address Gov. Chris Christie did seem to suggest that additional accommodations will have to be made by public sector workers when it comes to their pensions and benefits, because the state simply will not be able to afford to pay ou…

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