polar vortex

Amazing Photos – The Polar Vortex Freezes Niagara Falls [Video]
As I wrote about last summer, Niagara Falls truly is one of the wonders of the world that you should try to see at some point in your life. But just when you thought that it couldn't get any more jaw dropping, our friend The Polar Vortex dropped in and literally brought the falls to a frozen halt. …
NJ’s Winter ‘Not That Bad’ [AUDIO]
Following a taste of spring this past weekend, the colder temperatures have returned to New Jersey. Maybe we shouldn't be complaining, though; the Garden State has experienced much colder winters than this one.
Watch – Now This is Cold! [Video]
We've definitely dealt with cold temperatures this winter, but at least it hasn't been this cold. When your garden hose is spitting out ice cubes instead of water, you know it's really cold! Watch below:
The Snow On My Roof
This is what confuses me about the snow...why is my the house the only house with snow on the roof every time it snows?

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