How to Win a Radio Contest
As a radio personality, one of the questions I get asked the most is, "are there any tricks to winning a prize on the air?". While there might not be a fool proof way to guarantee a win, I can offer you a few tips when it comes to on-air contests:
Watch How Kids React When Faced With a Rotary Phone [Video]
It's pretty amazing to stop and think about the fact that there's a whole generation (arguably two generations, even) who have never seen a rotary telephone and have never heard a busy signal. Kids these days have had cell phones their whole lives. Heck, a lot of families don't even have home telep…
When Did ‘Smart Phones’ Get So Smart?
Apple's iPhone 4s has brought the concept of a "smart phone" to a whole new level. With the new "personal assistant", Siri, it can do just about everything but make your breakfast (although it CAN help you order your breakfast from the corner diner).