Phone Scams

IRS scammers take off the gloves in Point Pleasant
By now, everyone is familiar with the phone scam that attempts to delude victims into thinking that they owe delinquent taxes to the Internal Revenue Service. Point Pleasant Police have issued an unnerving description of the typical exchange.
JCP&L Phone Scams Prompts MC Prosecutor’s Advisory
A sharp rise in the number of JCP&L scam calls, triggers and advisory from Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office. A number of JCP&L customers have reported getting hostile calls from people demanding payment for an electric bill or risk being shut off in a few hours.
Reports of IRS Phone Calls Prompts Scam Warning
Nearly a dozen calls from residents today alone about unsolicited calls from the IRS prompts the Ocean County Prosecutors Office to issue a warning about telephone scams. They urge you to immediately hang up on people demanding payment for taxes to the IRS and never give credit, debit or prepaid car…
Ongoing Phone Scams
Never give your name, address or social security number over the phone. That warning comes from Toms River police in the wake of several ongoing phone scams.