Saying Goodbye To Our Maxx
I wasn't sure if I wanted to write a blog about losing our dog or not, but I decided I wanted to share his smile with you because he truly was a great dog. We all have lost a pet, and it's never easy ... however we haven't in quite a few years. We ...
Watch This Totally Confused Santa Cat [Video]
Some animals love to play dress up, some don't. An example of one who doesn't - this cat. All the owner wanted to do was get the feline into the Christmas spirit. All the cat wanted to do? Get the Santa hat off its head! Watch as the confused kitty tries to remove the yuletide flair:
Your Adorable Video For The Week
By the time Friday rolls around, a lot of us are tired, stressed out, and ready for the weekend. So I've been trying to share the cutest videos I've come across throughout the week on Friday afternoons. That being said, this one is a total winner.

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