The Popcorn Park Zoo’s Spring Sale Needs Your Help
It's that time of year again for the Associated Humane Societies/Popcorn Park Annual Step Into Spring Sale!  A HUGE flea market, bake sale and of course all of the adorable pets ready for adoption are just some of the great things we can look forward to with the sale this year.
The Jersey Shore Celebrates Doggies! [VIDEO]
Today is National "Puppy" Day and regardless of what age our dogs are ... they will always be our puppies! Maybe take a moment to get your "puppy" a treat today and celebrate at home!
We asked listeners to send in their "puppy pics" and we thank e…
The Jersey Shore Is Going To The Dogs! [AUDIO]
Here at the Jersey Shore we love our dogs! Shawn Michaels sat down to talk with pet experts Charlotte Reed and Veterinarian Dr. Michael Fleck (PetBuzz) to talk pet care and the upcoming Westminster Dog Show, which begins Monday!
Saying Goodbye To Our Maxx
I wasn't sure if I wanted to write a blog about losing our dog or not, but I decided I wanted to share his smile with you because he truly was a great dog. We all have lost a pet, and it's never easy ... however we haven't in quite a few years. We ...
Watch This Totally Confused Santa Cat [Video]
Some animals love to play dress up, some don't. An example of one who doesn't - this cat. All the owner wanted to do was get the feline into the Christmas spirit. All the cat wanted to do? Get the Santa hat off its head! Watch as the confused kitty tries to remove the yuletide flair:

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