Why Does My Dog Do That?
Find out what makes your dog tick .... The Ocean County Women's Connection will Host a breakfast this Thursday (8//20) with guest speaker Paul Pagano of "Bark Busters" who will explain why your dogs bark at strange times and demonstrate idiosyncrasies that perplex us. Lin...
Watch – This May Be The Cutest Commercial Of 2015
Poor Flash the dog! The little fella has a leg in a cast and can only watch while his four legged friends run, jump, and play in a beautiful green park. Flash can only watch longingly as he hobbles along sadly. But, thankfully, he makes a new friend who's more than happy to help out. Watch this…
Bring Your Furry Friends To Dog Day In Seaside
Normally when you head to the beaches in Ocean County, you have to leave your dogs behind. Most boardwalks and beaches are strictly "No Dogs Allowed". But, Seaside Heights will be making an exception for "National Dog Day".
How Do You Beat The Summer Heat?
We are definitely in the middle of the dog days of Summer here in Ocean County. This week we've had the stifling humidity and high temperatures, so people have had to get creative to beat the heat.
NJ Dog Rescued From Hot Car [Video]
As we make our way through this mid-Summer heatwave in Ocean County, it's important to remember that people aren't the only ones who can become victims of the excessive heat. A dog owner in New Jersey got a rather pointed message from local police about that very subject this week.
Alligator Caught In NJ Waterway [Video]
No, this is not a hoax. It's not something mistaken for something else. It's not a rumor. An actual alligator was caught by New Jersey first responders in the Passiac River. According to, a fisherman was out on the river this morning when he spotted the scaly intruder. He c…
Why You Should Consider Adopting An Adult Rescue Pet
When you have decided that it's time to bring a pet into your family, there are many options to get one. You can buy a puppy or kitten (sometimes spending hundreds of dollars), you can adopt a puppy or kitten, or you can adopt an adult animal. I am an enthusiastic advocate of the latter.
See The Most Adorable 4th Of July BBQ [Video]
A whole lot of people will be enjoying the traditional 4th of July BBQ this coming weekend. And it's not only people who've got some BBQ plans in the works. How would you like to join "Tiny Hamster" for his Independence Day party? Cute enough for you? Let's also thro…

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