What’s Worse – Too Hot Or Too Cold?
It's going to be cold in Ocean County this weekend. Really cold. Unpleasantly cold. So cold that if you don't have to go out, you shouldn't. But some people still think that "too cold" is still better than "too hot".
Why Marriage Equality Matters
This past Friday's Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage throughout the whole of the United States may very well be looked at historically as one of the most significant decisions to come out of the high court. Here's why:
Cigarette Butts Are Litter Too [Opinion]
Fair warning - I'm going to vent about a topic that not everybody is going to agree with. I would have to guess that at least once a day I see someone throw a cigarette butt on the ground or out of their car window. Sorry if you disagree, but it's litter, plain and simple.
What Phrases Should be Outlawed?
As we get further into September and into autumn, the leaves will start to change and newscasters will start talking about the annual "leaf peepers". One of the most obnoxious phrases out there, if you ask me.

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