Nuclear Regulatory Commission

NRC to Menendez: Oyster Creek’s Fine
Operations at the Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant in Lacey might have become hectic during Hurricane Sandy, but were never touch-and-go, says the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in response to U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ).
Oyster Creek Launches “Cold Shutdown” Following Off Site Outage
Oyster Creek went dark early this morning due to a loss of off site power, causing the plant's reactor to be shut down as a precaution.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Region 1 spokesperson Neil Sheehan says at 3:41 in the morning the plant lost a 230 kilovolt line -presumable due to a loss of ground o…
Oyster Creek Mulled For Possible Cancer Study
Do people who live near nuclear power plants run a higher risk of cancer than those who don't? If a study recommended by a Washington DC group is undertaken, the region around Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant in Lacey Township is one of seven targeted for analysis...

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