The Best Fries at the Jersey Shore
I'm such a fan of boardwalk fries.  I remember living in Pennsylvania saying to myself, "I can't wait until I live in New Jersey for the boardwalk fries."
The Easter Bunny is Hopping into New Jersey
Spring is here and Easter is fast approaching this year!  All those beautiful colors, fun with eggs, and of course that adorable Easter Bunny, named Peter Rabbit is coming to Johnson's Corner Farm in Medford.
A Traffic Light Will Need to be Here in Bayville
This lot in Bayville right on the corner of Mill Creek Road and Ocean Gate Avenue condos are being built and I'm hearing a lot from residents and neighbors saying our schools can't handle it in Bayville.  And the wildlife, where are they going to go?
How To Report a Pothole in New Jersey
I had no idea I could even do this!
Those nasty potholes?  I hate them and somehow I always seem to find them, or should I say my car always finds a way to land in one.

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