New England Patriots

Have You Asked Alexa Who’s Going to Win the Big Game?
So at home yesterday we asked Alexa who is going to win the big game, the Patriots or the Eagles and she made her bold prediction! I was actually surprised that Alexa sounded off and didn't just defer to either "I can't help you with that" or send us to a website!
Vote – Do You Agree With Tom Brady Suspension?
With last week's "deflategate" report pointing a finger at Patriots quarterback Tom Brady at least having knowledge of misconduct surrounding game balls, the league has reportedly hit the team hard today in handing down punishments.
What Did You Think Of Katy Perry At The Super Bowl?
Last night's Super Bowl spectacle brought something for everyone to the table - a great sports competition and a flashy pop performance. So what did you think, was Katy Perry's performance a good fit for the biggest sporting event in America?
Is This Princess The Camel’s Super Bowl Successor? [Video]
Popcorn Park Zoo's resident prognosticator, Princess the Camel, sadly passed away last year. Now that we don't have her to predict the Super Bowl winner, who do we turn to? Well, Teddy Bear the Porcupine is not only adorable, but he's also 3 for 3 in his predictions so far. So, who do…
Watch A Sick Teen’s Super Bowl Dream Come True [Video]
The Make-A-Wish Foundation has been doing awesome things for sick kids for over 30 years, and this latest is no exception. Watch as Daniel, a teen from Washington state with a life-threatening illness, gets a phone call from one of his favorite Seattle Seahawks' players, who tells him that he&a…

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