Things I Love About The Olympics
Though I am not athletic in any way, and I generally don't spend time watching sports, there's something about the Olympics that I love.  There are actually many things that I love.  Here is a random sampling, in no particular order.

Seeing the fierce determination on the athletes…
Watch Matt Lauer Prank Ellen [Video]
The Today Show's Matt Lauer has been the target of pranks by daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres a number of times. Matt sat back, took the ribbings, and waited for the perfect moment to strike back. Well, that time has come, and he made his revenge a good one. Watch for yourself:
Scott Wolf with Shawn & Sue [AUDIO]
Scott Wolf is an acclaimed actor of both stage and screen, beloved by audiences for his performances in several landmark television series. 
Wolf has been a mainstay on television for more than a decade.  His breakout role came on the award-winning drama “Party of Five&CloseCurlyDoub…
40 Years of SNL [VIDEO]
Live From New York It's Saturday Night
I was 10 years old when Saturday night changed forever. A reason to stay up late and laugh at jokes and skits, which a lot of the time I didn't understand. Last night I watched the first ever episode with George Carlin as Host and I'm sure half hi…
Brian Williams Suspended
It was announced this evening that Brian Williams has been suspended from the NBC Nightly News for six months without pay.
Brian's life's work is delivering the news. I know Brian loves his country, NBC News and his colleagues. He deserves a second chance and we are rooting for him...

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