The New Ghostbusters Cast Was Just Revealed
It's been rumored, confirmed, shelved, back on the schedule, delayed, restarted, cancelled, and brought back to life. But now, it looks like the next generation of Ghostbusters are ready for cameras to roll, with the official reveal of the cast just a little while ago.
Movies Everyone Has Seen…But You
I just spent $20 to buy a DVD I feel I HAVE to watch:  "Frozen," the animated musical film from Disney. The movie seems to have taken the world by storm, and spawned a generation that loves the song, "Let It Go."  Because everyone seems to have seen it, …
Vote – How Often Do You Go To The Movies? [Poll]
I really enjoy the experience of seeing a big blockbuster movie in the theater. Especially with digital picture and sound, there are some movie that you have to see in the theater to get the full experience. But would you go to the movies every day?
Watch – The Minions Are Getting Their Own Movie [Video]
If you've seen either "Despicable Me" movie (or if you set foot on any Ocean County boardwalk the last two summers), you know the Minions well. Those mush-mouthed little yellow fellas who help the movie's bad guy, Gru, achieve his evil goals (usually ineptly). Well, if you love the little …
See The Jurassic World Trailer Right Now [Video]
Jurassic Park was one of the most iconic blockbusters of the 90s. After a few so-so followups, fans are salivating over next year's Jurassic World. With 20+ years of special effects advancements, the film promises to be a visual spectacular. Whether the story is great or not, it'll be sure…

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