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Watch – The Minions Are Getting Their Own Movie [Video]
If you've seen either "Despicable Me" movie (or if you set foot on any Ocean County boardwalk the last two summers), you know the Minions well. Those mush-mouthed little yellow fellas who help the movie's bad guy, Gru, achieve his evil goals (usually ineptly). Well, if you love the little …
Star Wars Fans Check This Out [VIDEO]
Well Star Wars fans it was an early Christmas present ..... The first official trailer from the upcoming "Star Wars: Episode VII"
I'm excited ......Are You excited for the new movie ?
Who do you think is in the "Black Cloak" ?
See The Jurassic World Trailer Right Now [Video]
Jurassic Park was one of the most iconic blockbusters of the 90s. After a few so-so followups, fans are salivating over next year's Jurassic World. With 20+ years of special effects advancements, the film promises to be a visual spectacular. Whether the story is great or not, it'll be sure…