Highest School Taxes at the Jersey Shore [LIST]
Property taxes are always a sore spot when you talk to New Jersey residents. The reason many now say they can't afford to live in the Garden State. The largest portion of your property taxes are "school taxes"
In a recent article in the Patch , the New Jersey Department o…
Take This Job And Shove It
That's the title of a catchy song but also what many people feel like telling their boss.  Are you one of them?  Are you in a dead-end job, or feeling like you should be doing something else for a living?
I mention this because I encounter lots of folks who just work for the paycheck..…
Ocean County Bartenders: Was This Rude or Efficient?
Before I tell you about a bartender who irked me, let me state for the record that I believe in tipping and usually follow the "buck per drink" rule.  Okay, now that that's said, here's what happened during a recent trip to a theatre.
During intermission, feeling real…
New Scam Targets Your New High Tech Credit Card
Every time a new technology comes out, a new scam seems to pop up to take advantage. And warnings are coming out that scammers are targeting American consumers who are unfamiliar with the new credit card chip technology that a lot of us are starting to see.
Here Are The First Things You Should Do If You Win Powerball
With the next Powerball jackpot now ballooning to a whopping $1.4 billion, a lot of people are dreaming about what they could do with that kind of money. Even after taxes, you'd still take home almost $870 million. That's an awful lot of exotic cars, huge homes, and lifetime vacations. But, before y…
Let’s Chat About Economics [AUDIO]
Our kids have lots of questions about money and the earlier they begin to get a handle on dealing with economics the better. Shawn Michaels sat down to talk with Michelle Balconi about how to approach finances with our kids .... Go...

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